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Innovations are something to talk about, especially when they add more value to customers and save you time and money. Toro is the industry leader in innovative products. Explore what Toro has to offer . . .

 TORO'S INFINITY Sprinklers 




One Sprinkler. Countless Benefits. Infinite Possibilities.

The New Toro INFINITY Series Sprinklers are designed with your course's future in mind. A patented SMART ACCESS design enables you to add new technology for decades to come - using only a screwdriver


  • No digging or unsightly turf repair scars
  • No buried wire splices or ground faults
  • Pilot valve removable with water "ON"
  • Customizable marker
  • Replaceable cover if damaged


 TORO'S TURF GUARD Wireless Sensors




The new Toro Turf Guard Soil Monitoring System - get the essential soil information you need, when you need it.

Stay up to date on your current soil conditions no matter where you are. Get the information you need to make important decisions in real time including when and how much to water.

Toro Turf Guard sensors instantly track soil moisture, salinity, and temperature, saving you time. Repeaters mount easily inside all Toro Network VP®, Network LTC® Plus, and E-OSMAC® satellite pedestals.


  • Simple web interface
  • Accessible from any Internet connected device


  • Wireless connectivity allows for quick setup
  • Requires less than 5 minutes per location
  • Immediately ready for play after installation

The Golf Vision user interface places data at your fingertips and answers all your course management questions.

Monitor moisture levels and adjust irrigation:

  • Reduce water usage and improve playability without risking turf quality
  • Take the guesswork out of using deep irrigation cycles
  • Promote root growth by preventing over-watering
  • Detect dry areas before turf begins to show signs of stress
  • Detect irrigation anomalies before they cause problems

Track salt build-up and schedule flushing:

  • Take the guess-work out of monitoring and managing salinity
  • Never get caught with too much salt in your soil
  • Positive confirmation that your flushing reduced salt build-up


 TORO'S LYNX Control System 

When situations on your golf course demand quick thinking and swift action, there is a new resource you can turn to for answers.

The Lynx System Helps You To:

  • Optimally manage your water and resources
  • Find more time in your day for other tasks
  • Maximize your course playability and aesthetics
  • Control your costs for water, utilities and labor 


  • Efficientcy and productivity are enhanced because you have instant access to all the information you need to make watering decisions.
  • Dynamic Drilldown enables area, hole or station views of daily run times.
  • Daily irrigation control is logically linked to defined areas of the golf course.
  • Integrated run time display shows past and planned irrigation activity so you can easily determine what action to take.
  • For the first time: system run time information can be viewed in both minutes and inches. 
  • A comprehensive Course Report function supports your scheduled irrigation by providing system status information, even on manual watering activities.
  • Auto-generates reports after each night's watering, so you can quickly confirm all sprinkler run times at a glance.
  • With Quick Setup, you create station, satellite and area associations, and control the definition of greens, tees, fairways and sprinklers based on their locations.
  • The Instant Program feature has simple check-box selection so you can instantly create and personalize new irrigation programs.
  • The interactive map layer can be quickly creatd using any digital image for the background, such as an aerial photo of your course.
  • System provides full support for a CAD-generated map.
  • Easily add, drag, drop and assign sprinklers, satellites, Turf Guard wireless soil sensors and switches to their exact locations within the map.
  • With Turf Guard integration, Lynx lets you check course moisture, salinity and temperature reading right from your irrigation control software.
  • Integration with an ITT Flowtronex pump system with Nexus enables the exclusive Lynx Power Guard feature to track and report electricity usage of the system. 



Remote monitoring and access through a trusted partner

  • Automatic notifications via Email and text.
  • Remote hardware/software monitoring, alerting and fixing problems.
  • Proactive support and computer hardware replacement from NSN.
  • Ability to control your irrigation computer remotely via NSN Connect.
  • Ability to chat with NSN support staff.
  • Works with iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad


Golf Sprinklers

Toro 835S/855S Sprinklers

The Toro 835S/855S Series sprinklers with TruJectory™. You know that bunker that’s always getting wet? Or that tree branch that’s always in the way? Now you can address trouble spots with Toro’s patented TruJectory feature. Simply adjust the trajectory of the spray from 7 to 30 degrees and get better head-to-head coverage. Plus there’s part- and full circle operation in one sprinkler.


  • Available in 1" inlet (835S) and 1 1/2" inlet (855S)
  • TruJectory™ Adjustment of the main nozzle—24 positions from 7°–30°
  • Arc Adjustment—40–330° and true full-circle in one
  • The Industries Largest and Most Flexible Nozzle Selection
  • Spike-Guard™ Solenoid has a 20,000 volt lightning rating and draws 1/2 the amperage of conventional solenoids
  • Indestructible stainless steel valve seat
  • Slow closing piston valve eliminates pressure surges
  • Selectable pilot valve
  • Removable rock screen


Toro 834S/854S Sprinklers


The 834S/854S Series full circle sprinklers include dual trajectory adjustment of the main nozzles - 25 or 15 degrees. The constant velocity drive is a time proven planetary gear drive that utilizes a variable stator design to provide 3 minute rotation times for a complete full circle revolution. This consitency ensures complete coverage around the sprinkler every time you water.


  • Available in 1" inlet (834S) and 1 1/2" inlet (854S)
  • Constant Velocity Full-circle Drive
  • The Industries Largest and Most Flexible Nozzle Selection
  • Spike-Guard™ Solenoid has a 20,000 volt lightning rating and draws 1/2 the amperage of conventional solenoids
  • Indestructible stainless steel valve seat
  • Slow closing piston valve eliminates pressure surges
  • Selectable pilot valve
  • Removable rock screen



Toro Drip Irrigation for Bunkers

Toro’s DL2000 subsurface drip irrigation kit is the ideal solution for watering those tough-to-irrigate areas such as bunker faces. EachDrip Kit system is designed for easy installation and operation, and includes all necessary parts and complete instructions for installation.



  • Subsurface application allows water to be applied directly to turf root zone
  • Water is precisely targeted to desired areas
  • Minimal water loss due to evaporation, deep percolation or runoff
  • Irrigation events do not interfere with play 


 Golf Control Systems

Toro Network VP Satellites


Network VP

The Network VP Satellite from Toro combines modular flexibility, ease of use and increased control in a single controller. With 64 irrigation programs, the Network VP allows programming to the individual station level and supports station-based flow management.



  • 16 to 64 stations in eight-station increments
  • Sturdy plastic or painted stainless steel pedestals
  • Supports hybrid communication (wireline and radio) for increased flexibility and cost effectiveness
  • 64 irrigation programs
  • Independent stand-alone and central operation
  • Backwards compatible with Network 8000 satellites


Toro E-OSMAC Satellites

From just a handful of stations to as many as you'll ever need, leave it to Toro to provide a full complement of options, while making your field hardware decisions simple.


  • A larger station count, offering up to 64 stations when used with SitePro(r) central software
  • Stainless steel (painted) and bi-wall plastic cabinet configurations
  • Selectable 120- or 240-volt input voltage as a standard feature
  • Smart OSMAC Upgrades includes software, serial cable and PDA
  • Upgrade provides stand-alone mode which can be used as a system backup


Toro Network LTC Plus Satellites
LTC Plus

From one-way communication to true two-way communication; from just a handful of stations to as many as you'll ever need, leave it to Toro to provide a full complement of options, while making your field hardware decisions simple.


  • 16 to 64 stations in eight-station increments
  • Standard or additional surge protection
  • Sturdy plastic or painted stainless steel cabinetry
  • Dual-voltage power supply, 115 and 230 V ac
  • 16 independent programs, with up to eight running simultaneously
  • Station run times from 1-minute to 8 hours and 59 minutes
  • Up to 2 non-irrigation (switch) programs available with central software


Toro SitePro Central Contoller


Designed by Toro, built by Toro, supported by Toro. SitePro is the most widely used central control system in the golf course industry. SitePro gives you the features you need and the options you want. With SitePro, your control system can be customized to meet the needs of your specific course. SitePro has what it takes to dependably manage even the most demanding course—yours!


  • Electro-Flow™ simultaneously manages hydraulic and electrical demands in your system for total system efficiency
  • Multiple communication modes: Wireless digital paging, 2-way wireline, 2-way wireless and Hybrid (combination of wireline and wireless) for Network LTC Plus and Network VP
  • Advanced multi-manual operations for overseeding, hot spots or fertilizer wash-in for all hardware platforms
  • Multi-lingual display


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